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Now, I know the title of this post might lead you to believe that this is a sponsored post, that I’m an affiliate, or that I’m getting some sort of kick-back from SCOTTeVEST – nope, nope, and nope! I’ve been trying to expand my writing a bit and showcase some of the brands I’ve used for years and love. If I’m always plugging a brand to my friends and family, it makes perfect sense that I share the love here as well! SCOTTeVEST makes my absolute favorite travel jackets and I couldn’t say enough good things about them… I also kinda want them all!

The Chloe Hoodie

I got my first SCOTTeVEST product for Christmas in 2013, the The Chloe Hoodie. My brother has always been good at purchasing perfect gifts, and this travel jacket did not disappoint! He helped me get out of my usual comfort zone (black or red) and grabbed me the hoodie in the purply color titled dare. Like all SCOTTeVEST products, this hoodie has a TON of pockets (14 to be exact) to fit everything you need! There are dedicated pockets for sunglasses, cell phone (with space to run your headphones through the hood), camera, SD card, keys, etc. The weight of the jacket is perfect for spring or autumn and the hood zips all the way up if you wanna prank your friends! One of my favorite parts of this jacket is that it is machine washable! I’ve had it for 3.5 years and it still looks great! This is my go-to travel/airplane jacket as it is warm, snuggly, and allows me to load up the pockets without looking like a crazy person. Also, the fewer bags I have to carry, the better!

The Molly Jacket

This past Christmas (2016), my brother knocked it out of the park again when he purchased me the ever-so-stylish Molly Jacket. This travel jacket is also perfect for spring or autumn, or on a slightly cool summer day. It is stylish without losing the functionality. It boasts 17 pockets and even has room to store a tablet. I absolutely adore this jacket and can wear it on a night out and leave my purse at home! If you wanna grab one of these, you better move fast! They’re currently only available in their outlet and with limited sizes.

SCOTTeVEST also has a full line of clothing for men as well, including vests, jackets, hoodies, pants, and shirts. As a recipient of 2 of their products, these travel jackets make absolutely excellent gifts.

My brother offered a fantastic anecdote on Facebook, and gave me permission to post it here: 

Once upon a time, for a class, I did a speech that these were the subject of. In that speech, we had a lady (a part of the group) bring her full-size purse to the front of the room and start emptying it item by item. I had already loaded a vest up with similar and larger items.

She pulled out some eye shadow. I pulled out an entire 20 color palette. She pulled out her phone, I pulled out two. Sunglasses? Wallet? Passport? Check, check and check. Finally, she pulled out a seveninch tablet… I removed a 15 inch MacBook Pro (there’s a huge pocket near the back vent).

An entire purse’s worth of stuff in my vest. Pretty amazing.

What do I have my eyes set on next? I can’t quite decide, to be honest! I’m loving the look of their pants, especially since I’m in the market for a good travel pant, but am also in love with the cardigans, and well…ALL the jackets haha.

Whenever I know I’ll be flying or spending the day traveling about and don’t wanna carry a large purse, I always reach for one of these travel jackets first. They are comfortable, fit me perfectly, and the styles differ enough to suit my mood! Three cheers for SCOTTeVEST!!

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Best Travel Jackets - SCOTTeVEST


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    • Thanks for reading! Yep, they’re a pretty awesome brand. I definitely agree that it’s hard to find practical travel clothing – the fact that these are stylish as well… I couldn’t be happier!

    • Thanks for reading!! Were you looking at the Molly Jacket? Sad there are only XLs left in those – but their other lines have a wide range of sizes! I’m lucky my brother got me the Molly Jacket while they had my size!

    • Right?!? I’m a sucker for pockets TBH – and I’m always finding new places to store things – super useful 🙂

  1. Brilliant! I love the way that they have so many pockets but don’t compromise on design. They look great. Haven’t heard of the brand before but you’ve opened my eyes. Though I wonder what I’d do with 4 pockets nevermind 14 or 17 haha!

    • I’m such a sucker for pockets… I’m always thinking… ok, how can I load this bad boy up! Hahah!

  2. Wow, interesting design of travel jackets. Maybe not directly suitable for me, but I will recommend this to my wife 🙂
    Great anectode with the 15 inch MacBook Pro that you pulled out – yeah, how to beat that? 😀 Made me really smile…

    • Awesome – hopefully she’ll like them! Yeah, once my brother told me the story…I just HAD to include it! I bet he got an A on that assignment!

  3. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to hide inside my jacket while on a long international flight…. now I seriously could with the Chloe Hoodie. However, I also like that feature for cold conditions and possibly even sleeping! I enjoy how each of these have a large variety of pockets. I personally don’t like carrying a purse but always feel obligated to due to all of my odds and ends. I don’t think I’d lose my keys and phone in the Bermuda Triangle (aka my purse) anymore! Thank you for the awesome recommendation!

    • I love burying myself in my Chloe Hoodie on long flights – it is perfectly snuggly for me. I also need something that I can easily take on-and-off so a pullover is out of the question. Thanks for reading and commenting – I bet you’ll love the jackets just as much as I do!

  4. I love the purple color of your first jacket given to you by your brother! I’m always shoving stuff in my pockets to avoid bringing a purse, this jacket might just solve all my problems.

    • It’s a great purple, isn’t it? I never really thought that I was someone that could wear purple, but he proved me wrong! The jacket really has solved many of my travel woes – I love it!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment 🙂 They really do have it all – I’m so lucky my brother found the company and then hooked me up!

  5. Scottvest Jackets are the best! When I first got mine I was sceptical, but I was blow away with how much stuff I could get in it 😀

    • Absolutely – I really love the freedom of not having to carry a bunch of stuff around in a purse or backpack 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  6. These travel jackets are lovely. I like travel jackets. I have a fascination for jackets that have lots of pockets. It looks good and also I can stuff lots of things in the pockets 🙂

    • The number of pockets is amazing – I just love finding places to stash all my stuff! Thanks for reading and commenting ^^

  7. I love that you’re promoting this brand because you just absolutely love it! Such a better recommendation than a sponsored post. I could have done with the hoodie while I was away. It looks so snug and comfortable.

    • Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment! I do absolutely love SCOTTeVEST’s products – both my jackets are amazing!! I’m headed to TX in a week and I can’t decide which one I wanna take – may take both just for fun ^^

  8. I have been the proud owner of the RFID travel vest for about 10 years now and it still looks new. I love the freedom it has provided while traveling throughout Europe by allowing me to be hands free and yet have immediate access to all my purse items as well as communication needs.

    • That’s so great to hear! It is really nice when something is not only practical but holds up well! I’m looking forward to using my jackets for many years to come!